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Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Motion List of English Debate

Here are the list of the motion that will be launced for sma-smk category debate competition :

Global Ideology

THBT religion and politics can co-exist
THW use disaster relief as a tool of diplomacy
That civil disobedience is moral weapon in the fight for justice

Controversial Policies

THW regret the indictment of Robert Mugabe.
This House believes free market, rather than more government intervention, is the solution to the current economic crisis
THBT “Reginald Dyer” action is forgivable to cure stability in times of war

National Issue

THBT the idea of giving national hero status to Gus Dur is justifiable
THW extradite extremist Islamist preachers
THW coup d’état the Indonesian current government
The Prime Generation
THBT parents should be responsible toward their children’s crime
THBT welfare discourage hard work
THBT Vernacular School should not be exist

•THBT development funding should be held by parliament members.
•THW make regional agreement about border based on historical fact.
•THBT there should be not any option to make corruptors free.
•THBT Government must take action for PSSI.
•THW allow civil servants to critize incumbent government.
•THW let private company to play in electricity market.
•THW not choose minister of religion from politicians.
•THW ban blood relationship for the next general election.
•THBT blocking blackberry service (RIM) service is unjustifiable.
•THW abolish patents for green technology.
•THBT Gayus’s cases will never find any result.
•THBT politic is only about power of funding.

•THBT government should never rescue private failing industry
•THBT the government should regulate top executive’s payment in companies
•THW implement sharia economy in Indonesia
•THBT the European Government should insentify married couples to have children.
•THW criminalize Internet Service Provider for not blocking sites that contain pornography
•THW allow doctors to actively lie to their patients in order to create or augment a placebo effect
International issue
•THS U.S.A and South Korea’s military joint
•THS the formation of ASEAN Human Rights Court
•THS extra-judicial killings of Taliban leaders in Pakistan / Afghanistan / wherever they are
•THBT in adolescents’ suicidal cases, parents should be held criminally reliable
•THW send fat kids to fat camps
•THW create schools for homosexuals
•THW abolish single sex education
•THBT Public education after high school ought to be a privilege and not a right
•THBT students all round the world should be taught in English

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